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About the criminal process...


Unlike family law cases, the litigation of criminal trials pits the individual against the power of the state, and calls upon defense attorneys to be aggressive in defending the client's interests.  The criminal defense attorney must be creative and resourceful, must conduct a complete factual investigation and thorough legal analysis, must be well-versed in criminal and constitutional legal principles, and must possess the litigation skills necessary to persuade a jury that his or her client is not guilty.

I have an extensive background in criminal trial defense.  I have litigated over 125 jury trials in cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex first degree murder and white collar cases, and have broad experience in the tactics and strategies necessary to persuade a jury of the justice of your cause. In addition, because of my many years of experience in both trial and appellate law, I have the ability to identify and argue the complex legal issues that can help win the case at trial and provide a strong basis for an appeal.

Representing a criminal defendant requires dedication and hard work, and cannot be done lightly or without full attention to detail.  If you are interested in a free consultation concerning a pending criminal case, please call or email me.

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