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About the divorce process...


Divorce can be an emotionally wrenching experience, and I believe it is important that lawyers involved with divorce cases make every effort not to add more pain to an already painful process.  In my divorce practice, whether on appeal or in the trial court, it is my goal to work with clients to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation, and to help clients weigh the emotional and psychological costs to both parents and children that may arise from protracted court battles.  

Too many divorce attorneys believe that a dissolution of marriage action should be aimed solely at gaining the maximum advantage over the other party, without regard to other considerations.  It is not always wise, however, to spend unlimited amounts on attorney fees or to fight over issues that increase hostility between the parties, particularly where children are involved and the parties may need to cooperate in co-parenting for years to come.  The kind of aggressive representation that is appropriate for defense of a criminal case may not always be right in a divorce case. I strive to help my clients determine, based on their entire range of interests, when it makes sense to fight, and when it makes sense to compromise.

Sometimes, for various reasons, compromise becomes impossible.  If that happens, and adversarial litigation becomes unavoidable, I am well equipped to protect your interests.  Because I have represented numerous divorce clients in both appellate and trial courts, I have gained a thorough understanding of the law governing divorce, whether it involves the nuts and bolts of discovery practice, child support and child custody issues, the division of property, or the constitutional rights of parents and families.  Also, because of my years of trial experience, I have the skills necessary to effectively litigate your case at hearing or trial.

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