Michael P. Zwiebel
Attorney at Law

About my legal practice...


I specialize in three areas of the law: appellate law, divorce law, and criminal law.

My success in the area of appellate law is based on a belief that
winning appeals is the result of a thorough understanding of the law, excellent writing skills, an exhaustive legal research process, and a familiarity with the kind of argument that matters to an appeals court judge.  I have litigated appeals in all areas of the law including constitutional law, criminal law, divorce law, civil and administrative law, probate, and attorney-client relations.

I believe that the 
divorce process is first and foremost a personal one, which requires a different approach than other types of law.  Divorce lawyers should approach cases with sensitivity to the financial and emotional costs that may arise from bitter court battles, and should endeavor to help the client weigh all of these considerations in choosing the approach that is best suited to his or her needs.  Moreover, divorce law, contrary to what many lawyers believe, is fairly complex, and I bring to your case an understanding of the established statutory and case law that may affect issues in your case. In addition, through my many years as a defense lawyer, I have acquired the necessary litigation skills to protect your interests in court if a hearing is necessary.

For my first 16 years practicing law, I primarily worked as a criminal defense trial lawyer.  I personally tried in court every kind of
criminal caseand also oversaw thousands of criminal cases handled by lawyers under my supervision.  What makes a criminal defense trial lawyer stand out is the ability to aggressively and skillfully protect the interests of the individual who is facing the power of the state.

I have practiced law in Colorado for over 30 years, and have extensive experience in both trial and appellate litigation.  After graduating with honors from Boalt Hall Law School at the University of California, Berkeley (considered one of the top ten law schools in the country) in 1984, I clerked for Justice Jean Dubofsky at the Colorado Supreme Court, where I gained first-hand experience in the appellate decision-making process; this experience has proven highly beneficial in evaluating and litigating appeals in my practice today.

Following my clerkship, I worked for sixteen years as a Colorado State Public Defender, eventually becoming the head of the Weld County Regional Office.  In that capacity I was responsible for the supervision and training of seventeen attorneys and for overseeing the defense of thousands of criminal cases in seven Colorado counties.  While at the public defender's office, I participated in over 125 jury trials, including  multiple first degree murders. 


Now in private practice since 2000, I have emphasized the practice of appellate law, litigating in the Colorado Supreme Court, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Court of Appeals.  I have also continued to represent numerous clients in family and criminal cases in district courts throughout Colorado.  I have gained a reputation for thorough and well-reasoned appellate advocacy, aggressive defense in criminal cases, and a fair, sensitive, and reasonable approach to the work I do for family law and divorce clients. 

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Michael P. Zwiebel

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